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The average Christmas meal, including turkey, booze and hangover tablets will cost over £100 from one of the big four supermarkets. That’s why any vouchers and discounts you can use to save money on your shopping is crucial. Will Pointing from has interviewed infamous voucher champion Jordon Cox from, also known as the “Coupon Kid”, to provide tips on how to find the best vouchers and coupons this Christmas. Hi Jordon, nice to see you again. How did you get in to voucher saving and why?
Jordon Cox: It was all through necessity. I started looking for coupons and saving money when I was 15 (hence the name ‘Coupon Kid’). It was all because my parents split up and my mother and I were worried about how we’d pay the bills. As if by magic, a TV show came on called ‘Extreme Couponing’. It’s an American TV show where they save $1,000s just by using these coupons. I wanted to give it a go and started looking for them. I was hooked instantly and ended up doing big shops such as £105 worth of shopping for just £1.62 and a £600 shop for just 4p. Here I am 7 years later, and I now do this full time. Which top 5 voucher/coupon sites do you recommend visiting before Christmas?
Jordon Cox: There are two websites which have paper coupons for you to print out. It can sometimes be hit or miss to whether they have coupons on there, but it’s always worth a look: and

If you wanted a full list of coupons scatted all over the internet, there is a list on MoneySavingExpert’s website:
And finally, if you wanted to save money online, I recommend TopCashback and Quidco. Before you buy anything on here to see if you can save a bit of cash: and What type of voucher platforms are the best for saving money (i.e. online voucher sites or newspapers)?
Jordon Cox: Recently, it’s easier than ever before to save money, but it’s through mobile apps. There are so many now which will save you money just by a quick picture. If you buy one of the products that they have cashback for on the app, simply by snapping a picture of your receipt will get you your money back. Those apps are called Shopmium and GreenJinn. You can probably expect more mobile apps like this coming soon too. What’s the best voucher deal you’ve ever found and how?
Jordon Cox:
This is going to sound very weird, but bear with me. There was once a coupon for £1 off Nair Hair removal products. I ended up printing off around 20 of these coupons from different people’s printers, but there was a good reason.

Obviously, I didn’t need hair remover cream, but you could use the coupons on little sachet packets which only cost 80p. This meant for every one that I bought with the coupon, I’d have 20p ‘overage’ (which is the extra money you get from the coupon being worth more than the item).

I couldn’t finish my shopping trip with the supermarkets owing me money, so I got various fruits, vegetables and meat that I didn’t have a coupon for with the extra money. Was super pleased with that. What do you need to be aware of when redeeming vouchers? The pitfalls and considerations
Jordon Cox: It’s always worth checking the T&Cs of coupons before you spend them. It may look super confusing, but it may help you when you get to the till. The most common terms you’ll see are ‘one coupon per product’ and ‘one coupon per transaction’.

One coupon per product means you can’t use two coupons on one specific item, but if you have two coupons, you can buy two products and use a coupon for each.

One coupon per transaction means you can only use one of those coupons in your entire shop. The sneaky way around this however is to use a divider to split your trolley into two and take advantage. Where do you see voucher sites going in the future? Will there be less or more voucher sites? More innovation?
Jordon Cox: Everybody loves getting a bargain, and that will never change. I’d like to think if there were more voucher sites, there would be more competition to get the best deal for their users, and that will only benefit consumers. I’m hoping that one day there will be an app where you can scan in your paper vouchers to make them digital and house them on your phone in one place. Whether that would actually happen, I don’t know… but it’s a dream of mine. What’s your number one piece of advice on vouchers?
Jordon Cox: Only use coupons if it was on something that you would normally buy. There is no point saving 50p on dog food if you don’t have a dog. I know it sounds like an obvious thing, but couponing can be addictive. Stick to your list and try to avoid unnecessary spending.

Thank you Jordon, for more advice on saving money on coupons go to

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I enjoy watching comedy, learning about new digital marketing trends, helping people generally (including saving money) and completing sport challenges (This year I plan on cycling to Paris from London).

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William Pointing

I enjoy watching comedy, learning about new digital marketing trends, helping people generally (including saving money) and completing sport challenges (This year I plan on cycling to Paris from London).

All stories by:William Pointing
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