Top 20 “how-to” save money tips in 2020 from UK money Bloggers

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Learn how to save money in UK and with little effort and big results!

Happy new year!

Each year, it’s easy to get those two mixed up, isn’t it? We always plan on improving our finances, particularly after an expensive Christmas period, but as the year progresses it is easy to lose focus. Why not make 2020 different?

Use these “how-to” save money tips for 2020 from the leading UK Money Bloggers. They each provide their best tip for 2020 for you to follow below, so you can save money the easy way:

Money-saving tips for 2020 from Uk money bloggers – Under 4 minutes view

Automate your savings.

Adam from Money Savvy Daddy recommends to “set up a monthly standing order, the day you get paid. It’s the best way of automating your savings. Another option is to use automated savings apps like Chip“. Marie Ellis from Broke girl in the city also “recommends saving £25 a week”. It doesn’t sound much, but over a year that amounts to £1,300, not bad at all!
Laura Dempster from thrifty Londoner recommends “to ‘Pay yourself first,’ where you put your saving money aside (preferably into a separate account) as soon as you are paid at the end of the month”.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to save money whether you live in the UK or any other country. If it’s inspiration you need, keep reading for a lot more ideas.

Clear your debts with highest interest rates first

Vicky Eves from I Beat Debt highlights “in the long run it’ll cost you less and make getting back into the black happen quicker!”

Track your expenses

Francesca Henry from From Pennies To Pounds recommends “to go back through the last few months bank statements and write down everything you have spent your money on. It’s easy to let money slip through the cracks, which is why keeping on top of it and having awareness of your spending habits will help to save money”. Saving Apps like Yolt are good for this. Melissa Shaw from Skinny Spending uses “the piggy banking/money enveloped method where you divide up your expenses into different pots either physically or virtually”. Vicky Eves from I beat debt highlights “in the long run it’ll cost you less and make getting back into the black happen quicker!”

Top 20 "how-to" save money tips in 2020 from UK money Bloggers Great Deals Made Easy
Meal plan every meal

Meal plan every single meal

Moving on to the important topic of food. Katy Stevens from Katy kicker is kicking back on takeaways. She advocates to “avoid the takeaway. Stop running out of food and avoid food waste”. It saved her a fortune in 2019.

Make twice as much food as you need and freeze the extra portions

On a similar note, Bronni Hughes from Bronni advises making twice as much food as you need and freeze the extra portions. “It’ll stop you reaching for a takeaway menu when you can’t be bothered to cook”.

Learn the difference between “best before” and “use by”

Continuing the food theme, Fiona Elizabeth Hawkes from Savvy In Somerset highlights the importance of learning the difference between ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ – “so much food gets wasted because people don’t know what’s safe to eat and what isn’t. It’s also surprising how much food can be frozen – things like chocolate, cheese and even whole birthday cakes!” 

Switch down to cheaper brands when you don’t know how to save money

Hayley Muncey from Miss Many Pennies advice is “to switch down to cheaper brands when you do your grocery shop. If you can’t tell the difference (and a lot of things taste just the same), keep switching down until you you’re unhappy with the change. It doesn’t seem like a huge amount each item, but across your whole trolley, every week, it can make a big difference!” 

Consider the whole life cost of a purchase

Hollie Hutchinson from Thrifty mum highlights the need “to think long-term before committing to a purchase”. Mark Furniss from Not taught at school also recommends “not to impulse buy something you wouldn’t normally, instead wait a week and see if you really needed it”. Most of the time, he never goes back and purchases the product he was initially going to buy.

Never let a contract renew

Pete Chatfield from household money saving recommends to always “find a better deal or negotiate with your current provider”. This can often be a very time-efficient task and not the hours of hassle you expect. 

Always search for discount codes and apps before buying online

Emma Bradley from Mums savvy savings reveals to “always check cashback sites like TopCashback, Quidco and Boom. Over the years these cashbacks add up. She gets about £200 a year, which goes towards Christmas”. A new cashback site is MyMoneyPocket, join here for a £5 free bonus.

Use money-saving apps when shopping

Martyna Sroka-Lalewicz, from Money Saving Girl uses money-saving apps when grocery shopping: Shopmium, green jinn, checkout smart. For cosmetics and cleaning products she uses Savers. This has saved her a lot of money over the course of a year.

Maximize your pension pot

Nick Daws from pounds and sense recommends checking if you have a full state mention on the government website If there are gaps in your record and/or you were “contracted out” of paying full National Insurance for a few years, you may be able to make up the shortfall by paying extra NI to fill the gaps. Even if retirement is still some years away, it’s important to do this as soon as possible so you can assess the situation and plan accordingly”.

On the theme of pensions, Onyemachi Cyprian Njamma from money notes also agrees to add more to your pension pot. “You get a tax exemption of 20% – 40% depending on your marginal tax rate. If you are an employee, then you may also get a top-up from your employer.  In some cases, you get up 60% more money above what you have actually contributed.”

(If you have kids) – Teach them the value of money

Saving is much easier as a parent if your children understand why. Jennifer Dixon from my mummys pennies “My tip would be to teach children the value of money and how to shop savvy. Saving is much easier as a parent if your children understand why you are making these choices.”

Get freebies to help you save money

Katie Schulten from student skint top tip would be “to get freebies to help you save money. You can easily get free food, groceries, drinks, household items, and furniture! Turn it into a fun challenge with your friends/family/kids on who can find XYZ for free or as close to free as possible”. Freecycle is a good website, essentially people give items away for free, you just pick them up.

Reduce non-essential spending

Emma Jackson from bee money savvy highlights for the sake of your finances look at reducing your non-essential spending! “How much are you spending on ongoing contacts that you don’t need (or use anymore) such as streaming services, entertainment packages, and gym memberships? Cancel what you don’t need and watch your finances improve.”

Review all your subscriptions

Emma Maslin from the money whisperer recommends to “Review all your subscriptions (go through your direct debits and standing orders on your online banking) and cancel any you can’t justify any more or have simply forgotten about.”

Or Goren from cord busters agrees and highlights “to cut the cable TV cord and stop paying hundreds of pounds a year for channels you don’t even watch. By replacing Sky/Virgin/BT with TV-on-demand services like Netflix, you can control your spending and save A LOT of money in the process – while still watching great shows”.

Make small changes to your spending habits

Lauren Bolton preaches to make small changes to your spending habits; for instance, “Say no just for today. No to today’s Costbucks coffee, no to that it’s-just-a-pound purchase at the shop, No to late-night online shopping, just for today.” Check out how to save fast on a low income salary.

Have a no-spend month

Jane Berry from shoestring cottage recommends a no spend month. “You pay bills and for groceries but buy nothing else.” January is a good month for this as it helps you recover from the excesses of Christmas

Fixed-rate mortgage over? get a new one.

Sara Williams from debt camel highlights that once your mortgage fix has ended, go get a new one.  It doesn’t take too long. “There are 800,000 families who could save an average of over £900 a year by doing this”.

Set your self saving goals

Eileen Adamson from your money sorted leaves us with an inspirational quote “Where would like to be this time next year, and in 5 years, and 10 years. Set yourself big, exciting goals, and build your budget around about that. Saying “no” to things that are a waste of money, suddenly becomes easy when you have more exciting things to look forward to.” If you are saving for a house, check out this post.

If you have any tips on how to save money in the UK and not only, that work for you, please share them below. Check out a top article on how to start an emergency fund online in the UK.

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William Pointing

I enjoy watching comedy, learning about new digital marketing trends, helping people generally (including saving money) and completing sport challenges (This year I plan on cycling to Paris from London).

All stories by:William Pointing
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