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An interview with the anti-Cable guy – Or from Cordbusters

Will from GreatDealsMadeEasy: Hi Or, nice to see you again. Your website looks great, what made you create your blog CordBusters?
Or From CordBusters: Thank you! I’ve always been very keen on saving money (and helping others save money). About five years ago, I noticed that our cable TV bill was one of the most expensive things we were paying monthly – and decided to look for better – and cheaper – ways to watch TV. I cancelled our cable subscription, and subscribed to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video instead. And what do you know – not only was it cheaper than what we were paying before, but it was also so much more convenient – you decide what to watch and when to watch it, and you don’t have to pay for countless channels you’re never going to watch. A couple of years later, I realised  this would be a great topic to write about – cord cutting was already getting big in the US, but was making its first steps in the UK – and I knew I could help my readers with it.

Best platform in the Uk

Will from GreatDealsMadeEasy: There are so many platforms in the UK,What’s your favourite streaming platform and why?
Or From CordBusters:  Netflix all the way. Not necessarily for the content – there are some excellent programmes on Prime Video as well, and NOW TV have the rights to some of the biggest American shows as well. However, what I like about Netflix, is the complete package you get – they have loads of older shows (both from the US and the UK) to catch-up on or re-watch, they keep coming up with new original shows (some great, some bad – but there’s always something new), and the interface is so efficient and easy to use.

TV streaming saving tips

Will from GreatDealsMadeEasy: What are your best three saving tips when watching TV streaming?
Or From CordBusters: 1 – Just try it! Even if you’re not sure yet whether TV cord cutting is for you, get a Netflix subscription (you can even get a free trial for 30 days), and you might already have Prime Video if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Then, try to go through a month with ONLY watching content from those streaming services, as well as Freeview channels. If you find out that you didn’t really miss anything substantial from your “traditional” cable TV subscription – it’s time to cut it and save a lot of money.

2. Get a good Freeview recorder (I recommend some of the best Freeview boxes here). While it’s true that all newer tellies have a Freeview tuner built-in, most of them can’t record content. But with a Freeview recorder you pick programmes via the TV guide, and record them every week automatically (like a TiVo, but for Freeview). And the best thing – while you do need to purchase the recorder, it’s just a one-time thing, and Freeview itself is free forever. (You do need to pay the TV Licence fee, though).

3. Speaking of the TV Licence – you don’t necessarily have to pay it. If you ONLY watch Netflix and other streaming TV services, you NEVER watch any BBC content (live or on iPlayer), and you NEVER watch ANY LIVE content – then you can save those annual 154 pounds.

The future of TV streaming

Will from GreatDealsMadeEasy: Where do you see the future of TV streaming going?  Do you see the new streaming platforms like Britbox, Disney + , Apple ,Peacock (NBC Universal) taking the importance away from Amzaon Prime and Netflix?  Will streaming conquer all other ways of watching TV?
Or From CordBusters: I think Netflix is going to be hard to beat at this point, but if anyone stands a chance, it’s probably Disney+ with the backing of Disney. (Unfortunately, we’re not getting Disney+ in the UK yet – rumours speak of an early 2020 launch, but there’s no official date yet). And yes, I do believe streaming is going to take over the TV landscape eventually. Some might say we’ll end up paying more, with all these competing services each taking a monthly fee – but the beauty of streaming TV and cord cutting, is that you get to choose – you can subscribe to Netflix one month, cancel it, subscribe to Apple TV+ the next month, then cancel that, get back on Netflix, etc’… There are no 12-month contracts and no endless phones calls when you want to cancel.

How fo you find a great deal for TV streaming?

Will from GreatDealsMadeEasy: How would you find a great deal for TV streaming?
Or From CordBusters: Most streaming services are so cheap to begin with, you won’t usually find additional discounts – other than the free 30-days trial which both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer. The one exception (as of today) is NOW TV – they often have deals for new customers (sometimes for existing ones as well), with discounts on their passes. You can find cheaper NOW TV passes and devices in places like eBay and even the supermarkets. I even have a full article on how to find cheaper NOW TV passes.

Favorite TV Show

Will from GreatDealsMadeEasy: Top Boy and the Breaking Bad series on Netflix were really captivating for me, what your favourite series?  Any news ones for everyone to watch out for?
Or From CordBusters: I watch A LOT of TV shows (but I have an excuse – I write about TV!), so picking favourites is almost impossible. But these days I’m watching “This Is Us”, an American family drama that will ALWAYS make you cry at the end of each episode (it’s available on Amazon Prime Video). And I’m also catching up on “Billions” (available on NOW TV in the UK), and am planning to start watching the new “Watchmen” series (also NOW TV), which looks very promising.

Something strange with your cable, who you going to call? Cordbusters

Will from GreatDealsMadeEasy: Thanks for your time Or. To find out more about his site, go to For the latest TV deals, check our the GreatDealsMadeEasy comparison page or for our latest deals go to here.

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I enjoy watching comedy, learning about new digital marketing trends, helping people generally (including saving money) and completing sport challenges (This year I plan on cycling to Paris from London).

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  • Very informative! Thank you William and Or! Top Boy has been the best TV show of 2019 but I can’t wait for Ozark season 3 to come out!!!!

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William Pointing

I enjoy watching comedy, learning about new digital marketing trends, helping people generally (including saving money) and completing sport challenges (This year I plan on cycling to Paris from London).

All stories by:William Pointing
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