How to speed up your internet

How to speed up your broadband?

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Broadband in your home is like a utility like Gas and Water, you need it. What do you do if that film you are streaming is painfully slow to download? Slow broadband can be a common issue and with so many points for something to go wrong, it can be hard to find the solution. Fortunately, in this article GreatDealsMadeEasy speaks to Broadband Genie’s Alex Tofts to get his top tips on speeding up your internet and answer how to speed up your broadband.

Switch it off and on again.

The oldest trick in the book but by restarting the router, it may give it that chance to restore a weak or slow Wi-Fi signal back to full strength and speed up your connection.

Check your Broadband data limits

There is a small chance your provider could be capping your performance. Check your contract to see if it includes a data limit. If it does, you may have exceeded yours so may want to consider upgrading to an unlimited package to speed up your connection. However, this is unlikely as most broadband packages now include unlimited data.

Pause background downloads 

Check your connected devices aren’t downloading a system or application update. These will often start automatically and can be very large; for example, the last Windows 10 update was 3-4GB.

Check your Broadband Router is working

If the previous tips haven’t solved your issue, it’s time to go back to your router and get a bit more technical. Access your router control panel (the login details will be on the router) and download any outstanding software or firmware updates.

Also, check on the ‘connected devices’ tab to see which devices are using the router. If you don’t recognise one, there is a chance someone else is using your connection. You can remove these devices from the control panel. Be sure to update your router password and even change the name of it to prevent future intruders.

Finally, try to position your router in the middle of your home – this gives it the best chance of reaching all the corners of your home and speed up your broadband. If it’s still doesn’t have the reach you need to consider buying a Wi-Fi signal booster or a new router – a mid-range priced router (£50 – £100), with multiple antennae should be sufficient. This will more likely speed up your connection.

Complaining to your broadband provider

If you’ve tried the previous tips and still see no sign of improvement, how do you speed up your broadband? It is recommended to run a speed test and compare it to what you should be receiving. When signing up with your provider you should have been informed of an estimated speed (this is different to the ‘up to’ speed normally advertised). If your broadband fails to reach this goal, speak to your provider as there could be a fault with the line or another technical issue – something which your provider should be able to fix.

Upgrading your Broadband Speed

If there is no technical issue you may simply need a faster package. If it’s been a few years since you signed up to your current deal it’s worth checking to see what you can get in your area – your old router may even be struggling with today’s higher speeds.

Switching your Broadband provider

Switching broadband also gives you the chance to save money, look out for deals with a lower monthly cost and a lower or no set-up fee, see Broadband Genie’s guide to find out more information. It’s very easy and once you have found a new package you will be on your new connection within a couple of weeks. In most cases, you will not be without a broadband connection for more than a few hours.

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William Pointing

I enjoy watching comedy, learning about new digital marketing trends, helping people generally (including saving money) and completing sport challenges (This year I plan on cycling to Paris from London).

All stories by:William Pointing
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