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Around 23% of people don’t bother getting travel insurance each year. If you are unlucky, it could cost you £1,000’s in lost items, flight cancellations, personal injury or even worse, on a holiday or break. The good news is that travel insurance is not always that expensive. Read below 10 simple and easy money-saving tips, to help you find the best policy for you:

Use Comparison Sites

Always shop around for the best deal through a comparison site. Try (think the Meerkat advert) or TopCashback site for a travel insurance comparison quote.

Annual cover vs a single trip 

single trip policy may work out cheaper if you only plan on making up to two trips in a year. If you travel abroad more, consider an annual multi-trip policy – this will often be a cheaper option overall. If you are not likely to not go outside Europe, limit the destinations in your annual policy and you will save £s.
Tip: I was recommended to use Admiral insurance in 2017 after using the cashback site Quidco. For a year cover (including winter cover) £23.29 for the year with a £2.79 cashback = £20.50 for an entire year.

Travelling with your family or as a couple – group the cover

If you travel with your other half or your family regularly, consider combining cover. It is often cheaper than insuring everyone separately.

Be aware of the excess of personal belongings

An excess is an amount you must pay towards a claim. You may find that the higher the excess, the cheaper the policy, but always think what amount you are happy with it. Sometimes, the excess may be more than the actual item is worth.  Over-insuring will mean you pay more for your cover than you need, and it won’t benefit you when you come to make a claim. Under-insuring could you leave you down in money, should something unfortunate happen. Work out your max. amount you are prepared to pay before you buy Tip: Check your home insurance doesn’t cover items like jewellery/mobile phone abroad.

Check whether you already have insurance

If you have a monthly payment bank account or premium credit card, good news, you may already have travel insurance. Check this as otherwise, you will pay for two policies.

Get a free EHIC card

Travelling around Europe, use a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is free and entitles you to medical treatment in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries in a medical emergency. This is not a replacement to travel insurance, but worthwhile. The easiest way to apply/ renew an EHIC (valid for up to five years) – is at

Think carefully before buying from a travel agent, tour operator or airline

You will also pay a premium going via the above, it is best to go through a comparison site: or a cashback site like Quidco or Topcashback

Look out for age limits and medical exclusions

Many policies, particularly the cheapest, will not insure anyone aged over 65, however, fit and active. Older travellers are considered higher risk. This means travel insurance is more expensive and more difficult to buy as you get older – especially if you are over 65, with the average annual cost standing at more than £80. Most standard policies will also not cover any pre-existing conditions. Tell your insurer about any ongoing medical conditions and answer questions honestly. Some insurers may then agree to cover certain conditions for a small extra premium or, if your condition warrants it, refer you to a specialist insurer. Top tip: Try Staysure Travel Insurance via TopCashBack.

Is your break going to be adventurous? Get the right cover.

The majority of policies exclude “risky activities”, which can be high-risk activities, like scuba diving, jet skiing, snowboarding or mountain climbing. If you are going on a winter sports holiday make sure the policy includes comprehensive winter sports cover, otherwise a broken ankle in the Alps, will cost you a lot of money and pain.

Independently booked a holiday? Opt for scheduled airline failure cover

If you are making your own flight and accommodation arrangements, rather than booking a package break, it’s important your insurance includes scheduled airline and end-supplier failure cover. This protects you if an airline, villa company or ferry firm goes into liquidation after you’ve booked your holiday. If you have booked a service with your credit card, you can also be entitled to get the money back via your credit card provider.

Any other tips, please share below.

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I enjoy watching comedy, learning about new digital marketing trends, helping people generally (including saving money) and completing sport challenges (This year I plan on cycling to Paris from London).

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William Pointing

I enjoy watching comedy, learning about new digital marketing trends, helping people generally (including saving money) and completing sport challenges (This year I plan on cycling to Paris from London).

All stories by:William Pointing
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